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Covid and post-traumatic stress

This current pandemic, will leave many sequelae of tept in predisposed individuals, it has been registered according to multiple surveys, that those who present the greatest vulnerability within the population are:

-Frontline health workers (doctors, nurses, psychologists) people at risk of psychological damage due to social isolation during the covid-19 pandemic

-People with pre-existing physical and mental health conditions (such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder).

-Older people who live alone or in institutions, such as nursing homes.

-People with disabilities, especially those with learning and communication difficulties.

-People with recent grief, hospitalization or illness.

-Individuals infected with covid-19 who are stigmatized in the community.

-Those who suffer domestic violence, which is likely to get worse during quarantine.

-People with drug and / or alcohol use disorders.

-Individuals with caregiving responsibilities, including childcare during extended school closings.

-People who are unemployed or who have lost income during the pandemic.

-People who live alone with limited social capital and support network.

-Individuals under mandatory quarantine and those in strict personal isolation due to serious physical health conditions.

-Young people (due to the closure of schools and sports and entertainment clubs).

-Refugees, internally displaced persons and undocumented migrants.

The sooner the consultation is made, and the less time is allowed to pass to begin a healing process, the more will be gained in mental health and quality of life.

Source: Intramed psychiatry July 2020

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